Apple's 'Unexpected' Developer Portal Maintenance Seems To Indicate Hackery

Here's a strange one: Apple recently published a page on its developer portal that openly apologized for maintenance that was "taking longer than expected." Of course, it's hard to fault a company for taking time to ensure something is done correctly, but the notice has now been up for several days. That's unlike Apple, and many have started to wonder on Twitter and elsewhere if Apple's systems were compromised at some point.

It should be stated that this is in no way confirmed, but tweets are surfacing nearly every minute that suggest tons of attempts were made to change one's User ID / password. Apple hit a similar hiccup earlier in the year, and then went on to institute (optional) two-factor verification for accounts.

If you're an Apple developer, now would be an excellent time to reset your password. It's not clear that anything fishy is ongoing, but better safe than sorry -- right?