Apple's Tribute to Steve Jobs on First Anniversary of His Passing is a Touching Video

Steve Jobs is gone, but certainly not forgotten. As hard as it is to fathom, he's been dead for exactly one year, having lost a hard fought bout with pancreatic cancer on October 5, 2011. He passed away in his home in California, though he left behind a consumer culture for Apple products that doesn't exist for any other company or product line, and whether you're a fan of devices like the iPhone and iPad, or if you can't stand the rabid reception Apple products always elicit, you can't help but admire the business savvy he possessed.

In remembrance of the man who built what would now become the world's most valuable company (Apple's market capitalization is currently a staggering $625.06 billion), Apple posted a short video on its homepage filled with sound bytes from Steve Jobs throughout the years as he excitedly introduces various products, starting with the iMac, and talks about Apple.

Steve Jobs Smiling

"This is iMac, the whole thing is translucent, you can see into it. It's SO cool!," Jobs announces to the applause of the crowd.

After the video concludes, a heartfelt message from Tim Cook appears, which reads:
Steve's passing one year ago today was a sad and difficult time for all of us. I hope that today everyone will reflect on his extraordinary life and the many ways he made the world a better place.

One of the greatest gifts Steve gave to the world is Apple. No company has ever inspired such creativity or set such high standards for itself. Our values originated from Steve and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple. We share the great privilege and responsibility of carrying his legacy into the future.

I'm incredibly proud of the work we are doing, delivering products that our customers love and dreaming up new ones that will delight them down the road. It's a wonderful tribute to Steve's memory and everything he stood for.

It's actually been a tough year in technology with regards to prominent deaths. While Jobs' passing dominated the media, we lost some big names this past year, including Neil Armstrong (first man on the moon), Paul Steed (Wing Commander and Quake artist), Victor Poor (PC pioneer and early Intel chip engineer), Jean Bartik (programmer who worked on the first all-electronic computer), Paul Baran (founding father of the Internet), John McCarthy (invented the term "artificial intelligence"), and the list goes on. May they all continue to rest in peace.