Apple’s Redesigned iTunes 11, Now Playing On A Device Near You

If you’ve been biting your nails, wondering whether Apple would meet its self-imposed deadline of November for the release of its iTunes 11, you can cut it out now, for Pete’s sake. Apple beat the bell by a day, putting the download on its website along with plenty of information about the software’s overhaul.

The revamp hits about every major feature of iTunes. It’s not surprising that iCloud features get a boost, given the popularity of cloud storage right now. But the venerable Player gets a facelift, and so does the Store. And, according to Apple, iTunes just generally runs faster.

Got iTunes? Get The Update To 11.

One feature that caught our attention is the Preview History, which is meant to help you track down the song you liked from all the other ones you tried but didn’t. iTunes now also remembers where you stopped watching a movie or listening to an audiobook when you switch from say, your iPhone to your iPad. Interestingly, Apple gave the library interface some big tweaks. The interface makes better use of cover art, and albums expand to show you all of the songs.

Whether you use iTunes mostly on your iOS device or a computer, you’re going to see big changes in the software. You can download the update and check out the new features at Apple’s website.
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