Apple’s Radically Thin 12-Inch MacBook Air To Reportedly Drop Full-Size USB Ports

First it was the floppy drive that, for the most part, has gone the way of the dodo bird, and then the optical drive, which is now the exception instead of the rule on laptop devices. Are I/O ports next? The current rumor is that Apple is building a brand new MacBook Air model that's going to be so thin, it won't have room for luxuries such as full-size USB ports.

According to 9to5Mac and its sources, Apple's working on a 12-inch MacBook Air model that will be smaller than its current 13-inch laptops, and also narrower than the 11-inch SKU by about a quarter of an inch. It will also be about a quarter of an inch taller to fit the larger size display, which will have reduced bezels on all sides. The general idea is to fit a 12-inch laptop into an 11-inch frame.
Apple MacBook Air
A rendering of how the new MacBook Air model might look (Source: 9to5Mac)

When flipping open the lid, users will notice another design change -- an edge-to-edge keyboard that runs nearly the entire width. Slightly redesigned keys will sit closer together compared to the current crop of MacBook Air models, while some of the Function keys are going to be relocated, all in the pursuit of building a narrower laptop without negatively affecting usability.

Apple plans to maintain a tapered design, though the new model will be noticeably thinner than the current ones. This is where the elimination of most ports comes into play, including full size USB ports, SD card slot, and yes, even the Thunderbolt and MagSafe ports.

Crazy, right? Well, there's a method to Apple's madness -- in place of all those ports will be a single USB Type-C connector, which is capable of driving external displays. It can also be used to power the laptop. What's odd about all this is including just a single port, though we suppose that opens the door for Apple to sell an overpriced hub.