Apple's Next-Gen Cupertino Work Facility Looks Huge, Eco-Friendly

Apple and Cupertino go hand-in-hand. Steve Jobs grew up in the Bay Area-town, and now it's home to Apple. Apple's primary campus on Infinite Loop only holds a few thousand employees, but Apple needs space for thousands upon thousands more. Currently, those others are spread across multiple facilities in the Bay Area, but Jobs has a better idea: bring them all together into a massive complex that's around the size of the U.S. Pentagon.

In a recent town council meeting, Jobs took time out of his busy day in order to explain why the new facility should be allowed to exist within the community, and what he planned to do in order to make it an eco-friendly place and a beautiful place (rather than an eyesore). Of course, the number one reason was the continued tax base growth for Cupertino, and hardly anyone could find reason to argue with that. The facility would be capable of holding around 12,000 Apple employees, and the company has made plans to convert a lot of boring pavement into beautiful courtyards.

Apple's Steve Jobs called this "the best office building in the world," among other things. The whole meeting was recorded for public view, and it's a fairly hilarious watch. One of the Cupertino folks actually asks Apple for citywide Wi-Fi, as well as a Cupertino Apple Store. Then another pulls out an iPad 2, presumably to kiss up. Either way, we suspect Cupertino won't mind the extra tax dollars, and if all goes well, employees could be working here by 2015.
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