Apple's Next WWDC To Be Held June 2 - 6, 2014 In San Francisco

Apple has today announced that this summer's WWDC will be held between June 2 - 6 in its usual Moscone West location in San Francisco. This year's event will feature 100+ technical sessions, 1,000+ Apple engineers on-hand, 100+ hands-on labs, and a number of other highlights that a developer's conference of this scale tends to bring.

For the first time ever, Apple's going to be awarding the right to purchase a ticket at random, with active members of Apple's iOS Developer Program needing to register by April 7, 5:00PM PDT to qualify. This clearly is not going to go down to well with everyone, but given the popularity of WWDC, a mechanic like this would help spread the wealth, so to speak. Developers lucky enough to be plucked from the virtual hat will have until April 14, 5:30AM PDT to purchase their $1,599 USD ticket.

Speculation of what will be announced at this WWDC begins now. Given the fact that previous WWDCs have always introduced the next major iOS version, it seems certain that iOS 8 will make an appearance, but that could very-well be the least-interesting thing to be featured. Over the past year, the elusive iWatch hasn't kept out of headlines, and this very week, it's been reported that larger iPhones are on the way.

If you're an Apple developer and want a chance at attending WWDC, it's best to not waste time. In addition to the thousands of tickets to be randomly drawn, Apple's giving 200 students the chance to receive a free one. For more information on either method of acquiring a ticket, hit-up the press release.

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