Apple’s Next Two iPhones Reportedly Designed “Under Steve Jobs” Leadership

When Steve Jobs fell ill and began medical leave in January 2011, Tim Cook took over as acting CEO of Apple, a position that became permanent seven months later following Jobs' resignation. We all know what happened after that -- Jobs died of pancreatic cancer in October 2011, leaving Tim Cook without a mentor. At that point, the future of Apple was in Cook's hands, but did Jobs have a role in designing upcoming iPhone models before his death?

During a recent meeting with service providers, San Francisco District Attorney General George Gascón said that at the time of Jobs' death, he had already developed the next two iPhone models, one of which would later become the iPhone 5, The San Francisco Examiner reports. He made the claim based on a conversation he had with Apple's government liaison, Michael Foulkes.

iPhone 5
Steve Jobs may have finalized the design of the iPhone 5 prior to his death.

The meeting revolved around ways to reduce mobile device theft in San Francisco. Apple's iPhone accounts for half of all robberies in the city, and one solution Gascón brought up was for service providers to disable phones and tablets after they've been reported stolen, thus making them less attractive targets for thieves. Disheartened with responses from the telecommunications industry, he turned his attention to Apple in hopes of coming up with a solution, such as a kill-switch.

If Steve Jobs did have a hand in developing the iPhone 5, it's even more interesting that it sports a 4-inch display, the first iPhone ever to deviate from 3.5 inches.