Apple’s New ‘Alive’ and ‘Together’ Ad Campaign Boasts 300K iPad Apps For iPad and iPad Mini

When it comes to Apple’s advertising, the bar is high and always climbing. Whether you think the new ‘Alive’ and ‘Together’ hit the mark is a matter of taste, but if the more than 150,000 YouTube views is any indication, the ads are certainly getting some attention. The spots show some exciting ways to use iPad and iPad mini and tout the Apple App Store’s more than 300,000 iPad-specific apps.

Apple Alive and Together TV Ads

And of course, because the mini natively supports all iPad apps, that number applies to the mini, too. Apple may be planning to redesign the iPad, but for now, it's heavily promoting the existing models.

Apple's 'Alive' spot.

The two 30-second spots share the same structure, rocking through a bunch of words that Apple wants you to associate with the iPad, along with scenes of the iPad in action, to a peppy tune. The wordplay works because the scenes relate to the words that rocket past – particularly the words it stops to emphasize. For ‘Alive,’ that’s “loud” and “deep,” and for ‘Together,’ that’s “wild” and “bright.” As you’d expect from Apple, the ads are clean, almost spare, and really polished.

Apple's 'Together' spot.