Apple’s Next-Gen MacBook Pros To Include Thinner Chassis, Touch ID And OLED Touch Bar

Apple's current generation MacBook Pro isn't exactly a cinder block with a waistline that measures 0.71 inches and tipping the scale at either 3.48 pounds (13-inch model) or 4.49 pounds (15-inch model). Be that as it may, Apple's planning to introduce a new generation of thinner and lighter MacBook Pro laptops that will be somewhat reminiscent of its fancy 12-inch MacBook.

Thinner and lighter designs are usually received well by consumers, though the drop in weight and girth might be the least interesting changes coming to the MacBook Pro. Citing unnamed sources who corroborated predictions made by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, 9To5Mac says to expect a "dramatically overhauled MacBook Pro," one that will feature Touch ID support and a nifty OLED display touch bar above the keyboard.

MacBook Pro

The OLED touch bar introduces some interesting use case scenarios. Sitting at the top of the keyboard, it will replace the physical Function keys that are traditionally used as shortcuts. While details are light in this area, we wonder if Apple will allow users to customize the top row and bind them to specific tasks and programs. We can also envision it serving as a stock ticker or showing a weather forecast, to name just a couple of many possible scenarios.

Assuming the predictions are accurate, the new MacBook Pros will sport redesigned hinges made from metal injection molding. These are viewed as being key in Apple's mission to deliver a thinner profile. These tiny metal pieces are more commonly found inside mobile gadgets, including its iPhone and Apple Watch.

Based on previous reports, Apple might also shake things up when it comes to physical connectivity. The new MacBook Pros won't go as far down the wireless path as the 12-inch MacBook, which only has a single USB Type-C port, but don't expect anything beyond USB Type-C. What's different is that it will have these handy ports on both sides.

As for the implementation of Touch ID, it's still not clear how Apple will go about this. It's been said that Apple's been toying with giving iPhone owners the ability to unlock their MacBook Pro with Touch ID, but the hardware might also end up in the MacBook Pro itself.

Look for the new MacBook Pros to be available sometime in the second half of the year.