Apple's Latest 'If You Don't Have an iPhone' Ad Touts the Retina Display Again

Apple's continuing its series of "If you don't have an iPhone" ads with one trumpeting the benefits of its so-called retina display. While it may be the highest resolution screen on a smartphone (for now), it's hardly a retina display: that was debunked last year by a display expert.

Dr. Raymond Soneira runs DisplayMate Technologies, which makes software to test display quality, and said the claims made by Apple CEO Steve Jobs about the iPhone 4 display were faux. He said to really be a retina display, it would have to have a resolution of 477 pixels per inch at 12 inches. The iPhone 4 has a resolution of 326 pixels per inch at 12 inches.

He called it "marketing puffery," which means, Jobs exaggerated, and without Soneira to bring reality into the mix, no one would know. Still, Soneira admitted the iPhone 4 has a gorgeous display. Watch the video below.

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