Apple’s iWatch Smart Watch May Arrive in 2014 with Biometric Technology

Rumors abound about Apple’s expected smart watch, but the latest goes so far as to peg a release date of Q3 2014. The latest rumor about the iWatch (as the public has taken to calling it) comes courtesy of a KGI Securities analyst, who also expects the device to have biometric sensors. Are the likes of FitBit and Nike+ FuelBand getting competition?

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KGI expects the iWatch to have a two-inch touch display, and the biometric software raises a world of possibilities. If the smart watch becomes successful, it might prove stiff competition for the markets existing crop of wearable sensors. Where the iPhone made it unnecessary for you to carry a pocket camera (or even put a GPS device in your car), an iWatch might make a calorie counter seem like just one more thing to slip or clip on in the morning. And you’ve got to figure than an iWatch will be able to display emails and other things that an average calorie counter can’t.

Not everyone is on board with this rumor. A Gartner analyst was quick to question the veracity of this claim (or any Apple rumor). At any rate, whether the iWatch will have the same success as the iPhone (or any success) at all is debatable. It’s hard to tell what people will think of it, given that the smart watch hasn’t even been announced, but initial research suggests that, for the moment, consumers are fairly cool to the idea.