Apple's iWatch Might Be Announced On Sept 9th, But Its Shipping Date Will Be Months Away

We reported a couple of days ago that Apple's much-hyped iWatch could be unveiled at the company's September 9th press event, and while that still seems likely, what's also likely is that the device won't ship for a number of months. Sources close to Re/code have noted that the iWatch is not going to be shipping until "early 2015", which means that the device will completely miss this year's holiday season.

That's no doubt going to rub some the wrong way, namely those who envisioned Apple's cool wearable gracing their wrist while sipping hot chocolate next to the fire, or having the device tell them how many calories the stomach-packing serving of holiday dinner totals. Apple itself isn't likely too upset about missing the lucrative holday season, though; its iPhone 6 is expected to give at least a 20% boost to its sales. The iWatch, when it does get released, will just be the cherry on top of its delicious marketshare pie.

One thing that's worth noting is that it hasn't been uncommon for Apple to announce a product and not have it ship until a couple of months later. The original iPhone, for example, didn't ship until six months after its announcement, and the iPad sat in limbo for three months before it hit the market. That reality might not mean much to those who had their hearts set on picking up the device in time for the holiday season, however.