Apple's iOS Devices Now Cleared For Use By U.S. Defense Department

Cha-ching! That's the sound of approval, and also the sound of impending purchases of even more Apple products. The Pentagon this week cleared Apple devices for use on its highly secured networks -- a move that follows similar approvals given to BlackBerry 10 and the latest Android-based Samsung products. The Defense Department has now given the all-clear to all of the major, modern mobile operating systems (save for Windows Phone), which signals a very clear shift in priorities at a high level of government.

For years, BlackBerry owned this realm. There was the BlackBerry, and nothing else when it came to high-security use. But now, iOS and Android have found a home in the bed that BlackBerry made, and given BlackBerry's market share slide, there's a good chance that individuals within those sectors will be clamoring for the government to issue them an iPhone the next time a renewel is due.

What's next for Apple to infiltrate? Another planet?