Apple's Free Case Program To End On September 30

A few months back, Apple held an emergency press event in California to address the reception issues that users and critics were howling about. Aside from pointing out that other phones suffered from similar issues when held in certain ways, the company offered free cases and bumpers to any customer that applied for one. They noted that the offer run until the end of September, after which they would evaluate the situation and see if they should extend it.

They won't. That's the news straight from Apple, who have apparently decided that September 30th will definitely be the last day that consumers can apply for a free-of-charge case or bumper. In fact, the company admitted that the antenna problem was smaller than they had originally thought, but we don't doubt that quite a few people have applied for one.

The real question is what will happen after September 30th. Has Apple been tweaking the antenna layout of all iPhone 4 units that have shipped since the news conference? Will the white iPhone 4 finally ship once the antenna debacle is behind them?