Apple's Answer to Origami

AppleInsider has an interesting news story this morning regarding some rumored plans by Apple to develop an ultra-portable PC similar to Microsoft's "Origami" platform. Although the story also speaks of NAND-equipped notebooks which should have blisteringly fast boot and load times, the exciting news comes in the way of the tiny handheld systems. Given the success and popularity of Apple's iPod platform, the transition to a full-fledged handheld with complete PC functionality seems like a very natural progression.

UBS Investment Research analyst Ben Reitzes said this week his proprietary checks indicate Apple is working on "ultra-portable PCs" and even notebooks equipped with NAND flash memory in order to speed up boot times. "We believe these new products could start in notebook products with combo-drives (NAND and HDD) or ultra-portables (NAND only), and could be released in time for MacWorld," Reitzes told clients.


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