Apple WatchKit SDK To Be Released In November But No iWatch For The Holidays

Apple's aptly-named 'Watch' isn't slated for release until early 2015, but it'd be a horrible thing if the actual development kit wasn't released well before then. After all, if the Watch launches with a small collection of apps, hype could potentially die down to the level of non-existence. Well, during a briefing late last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook assured everyone that a kit was en route, and will be made available at some point in November.

With this kit, developers will be able to begin working on apps exclusive for the Apple Watch, or make special versions of pre-existing apps that will take better advantage of the device and its much more restrictive display real estate. I'm sure there's a ton of developers out there wishing the development kit was here now, but admittedly it's almost impressive in itself that Apple announced the Watch as early as it did. It's as though it gave in due to the unbelievable number of rumors that floated about months prior.

Nonetheless, Tim Cook does seem excited for the release, saying this at the iPhone 6 reveal: "We can't wait to see what amazing experiences they come up with. Apple Watch will be shipping early next year, and every day I look forward to that day.

While Apple's actually pretty late to this smartwatch game, given many competitors (some better than others) have been available this past year, I doubt the company is too concerned. None of those smartwatches say "Apple" on them, after all.