Apple VP of Retail Exec Jerry McDougal Leaves Company

Sometimes, the world's best jobs are the hardest seats to fill. You'd have to imagine that heading up Apple's retail sectors -- one of the most successful in the world at the brick-and-mortar game -- would be something of a fun and exciting challenge. But after losing the head a few months ago due to choice, Apple has now lost another top guru in that department. Jerry McDougal, Apple’s vice president of Retail, has left the company. It was rumored that he may have been in the running to fill the still-vacant senior vice president role, but there's no real clarity on that given that the company likely won't confirm what's going on in its internal searching.

At any rate, McDougal will reportedly be replaced by Jim Bean, who used to be Apple's vice president of finance. Apple spokesman Steve Dowling said of the move: "Jim Bean is moving to Retail to help support our store teams. Jim has been at Apple for 15 years and is a great leader who understands our culture and focus on customer service." John Browett, the former SVP of retail, was canned late last year after some questionable moves in 2012, but a replacement has yet to be found. Or, named, anyway.

But hey, if you're looking for a job...
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