Apple TV Gets Bluetooth and An iOS Update Brings Bug Fixes, LTE

Apple released iOS 6.1 today, bringing LTE support for more carriers to iPhones and iPads. The update also provides some bug fixes and adds functionality for Siri, giving you the ability to make purchases by voice command on Fandango. Another change means you can download individual songs from iCloud with your iTunes Match subscription. And another change adds reset functionality for the advertising identifier. For a .1 update, this patch sure packs in its share of features.

Install page for iOS 6.1

Until now, only a select few carriers were supported for LTE connectivity. Now, dozens more can provide LTE connections. A total of 36 carriers have been added for the iPhone, while 23 carriers have been added for the iPad. The move is meant to bring LTE to more users around the world – many of the carriers are in European and Middle Eastern countries.

Fix list for iOS 6.1 update

As we mentioned, you can reset your advertising identifier now, thanks to a new reset option. The iOS advertising identifier lets you choose to limit ad tracking for your iPhone or iPad. If you haven’t already used the feature, you can find it (even if you haven’t yet updated to iOS 6.1) by entering Settings and then tapping General – About – Advertising.

Before you download the update, keep in mind that it’s a sizeable download (87MB) and will require you to reenter your Apple ID password.

Apple also updates Apple TV, giving it Bluetooth keyboard support and an Up Next feature. Up Next is a small, but handy feature that lets you see which song will play next when you’re listening to music via the Apple TV.