Apple To Fully Integrate Shazam Into iOS For Melodic Identification Of Your Groove

Apple is reportedly working with Shazam to integrate a song-discovery feature into iOS. This would allow iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch owners to be able to identify a song and artist that they hear blaring over the radio or on television, just as iOS, Android, and Windows Phone users can currently do using the official Shazam app.

According to Bloomberg and the "two people with knowledge of the product" it spoke with, what this boils down to is an integration of the Shazam app into iOS, much like the way Twitter is infused with the mobile OS. Owners of iOS devices wouldn't need to download Shazam.


This opens the door to some interesting possibilities, such as tying it in with Siri, Apple's voice assistant software. Rather than hunt for the appropriate icon in hopes of finding it before a song is over, a user could simply ask Siri what song is playing, which would prompt the software to tap into Shazam and come up with an answer.

The opportunity for Shazam here is a big one. It's already a popular app/service with over 90 million monthly users, though partnering up with Apple would give the service access to even more of the mobile crowd. As for Apple, this would align nicely with its attempt to become a bigger player in the music space.