Apple Taketh Away MacBook MagSafe Charging And Griffin Giveth Back With BreakSafe USB-C Cable

Apple's forward thinking approach to its 12-inch MacBook released in 2015 didn't include a bevy of ports -- just one, that being a USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C connector (basically a USB 3.0 port with the new Type-C connector). Out of all the ports that went missing, perhaps the most missed was Apple's proprietary MagSafe connector. Enter Griffin to save the day with a handy adapter.

The neat thing about Apple's MagSafe connector is that it allowed the power cord to magnetically attach to the MacBook. If someone (or some animal, like a hyper canine charging through the house to see who's at the door) happened to trip over the power cord, it would detach without bringing the pricey system crashing to the floor.

Griffin BreakSafe

To bring that convenience and peace of mind back to MacBook users, Griffin has come up with a Type-C adapter and accompanying BreakSafe magnetic USB cable.

"Apple’s MagSafe connector has saved literally millions of laptops from destruction caused by tripping over one’s power cord. But with the introduction of USB-C on new MacBooks, this safety feature is absent. BreakSafe brings the safety and convenience back to newer MacBooks and other laptops with USB-C type connectors," Griffin says.

Griffin BReakSave Cable

"The quick-release magnetic connector (patent-pending) plugs into your laptop’s USB-C port and safely disconnects from the rest of the cable when under stress or strain, like tripping over the power cord," Griffin adds.

It's a small adapter that measures just 12.8 mm deep, about the size of a nano receiver, only thicker. Since it's so small, you can leave it plugged into your MacBook without it being an eyesore.

Griffin's BreakSafe accessory will be available "soon" for $40 MSRP.