Apple Takes You On A Guided Tour Of Features And Functions Of The Apple Watch

Wondering if Apple Watch is going to be worth the money? Well, that depends on several factors, including price, features, and how eager you are to jump into the smartwatch category. To help tackle the latter two, Apple has posted a handful of videos on YouTube that demonstrate what an Apple Watch can do.

They play out like tutorial videos and are labeled "Guided Tour," followed by what specifically the video is showcasing. Currently, there are four Guided Tour videos, one of which is a general introduction to Apple Watch labeled "Guided Tour: Welcome." It's the longest video of the bunch at 4 minutes and 45 seconds.

Apple Watch

The other videos include:

Apple Watch Digital Crown

Perhaps the most important feature of the Apple Watch is the "digital crown," which Apple describes as a "revolutionary input device" that's as "integral to Apple Watch as the click wheel was iPod." It allows you to scroll through feeds without obstructing your view of the watch face, as well as make adjustments to various settings, among other tricks.

Here's a look at the introduction video:

I'm still not sold on the whole smartwatch movement, though I must admit, Apple does a good job advertising its wares, as is typical for Apple. The time Apple spent designing Apple Watch seems like it was time well spent, and then I'm slapped back to reality by pricing ($349 and up) for what amounts to a first generation device.

Speaking of pricing, 9to5Mac claims to have learned what Apple plans to charge for its AppleCare+ Protection Plans for Apple Watch. For the 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition that runs $10,000 and up, AppleCare+ will charge up to $999 - yikes!

It will be a bit more affordable for lesser expensive models -- $59 for the aluminum Sport models and $79 for the stainless steel versions, which adds a second year of technical support to the included one year and covers you for up to two incidents of accidental hardware damage.