This Virtualized Version Of iOS Is So Good Apple Wants To Sue It Out Of Existence

Corellium banner
Apple has never taken kindly or turned a blind eye to companies that try and make copies of its devices or software. It has in the past crushed companies that were trying to make Mac clones, and Apple has now filed a lawsuit against a company called Corellium that specializes in virtualized environments and software virtualization.

corellium ios

Corellium of course also makes a virtualized copy of iOS that is meant to be a security tool for researchers. Apple doesn't see the benefit in offering such a service and says that the "true goal is profiting off" what Apple calls blatant infringement. The lawsuit was filed in the Southern District of Florida.

Corellium markets products that allow the creation of virtual Apple devices, according to Apple. It says that for millions of dollars per year, Corellium will deliver a "private" installation of its product to any buyer. Apple says in the court documents that there is no basis for Corellium to sell replicas of Apple devices to anyone willing to pay for its software.

Apple also has an issue with the iOS suite that Corellium offers that is intended to help researchers find vulnerabilities in the operating system. Apple says that the software encourages the vulnerabilities to be sold on the open market. Apple does note in its court documents that the purpose of the lawsuit isn't to encumber "good-faith" security research, but to stop the "unlawful commercialization" of Apple's copyrighted works.

Apple is seeking an injunction against Corellium sales and an order requiring it to tell its customers that they are violating Apple copyrights. Apple also wants the destruction of products using its copyright and cash compensation. Apple recently started to give security researchers developer iPhones to help it find vulnerabilities in iOS.