Apple Store Does Disabled A Disservice

It is no secret that OS X has outstanding accessibility options for the users with different needs.  Many, if not all applications can be zoomed in upon, and most can even be set up to read to the user. and that's just the beginning.

So why would so much thought be given to the technology, but not the place that it was sold and serviced?
"Both of the plaintiffs, Nicole Brown-Booker and Jana Overbo, require wheelchairs and recount separate experiences in May and July of this year which they characterized as both frustrating and humiliating. In both cases, neither woman was able to properly reach products or service desks at the store -- most of which were placed on a table or counter far out of reach. For Overbo, this meant a wasted trip. Unlike other customers, she was unable to watch as a Genius Bar technician serviced a software issue she had been experiencing on her Mac. Although the technician claimed to have "fixed" the issue, Overbo returned home with her Mac only to discover the software issue remained."
Perhaps the worst complaint being leveled against the Apple store is that the staff at the Stockston Street location were less than helpful when it came to assiting those with different needs overcome the deficiencies in the venue itself.