Apple Store App Offers Same-Day Delivery To San Francisco Bay Area

One of the main advantages brick-and-mortar stores have been able to maintain in the online shopping era is instant gratification. Whereas you can waltz into a store and leave with the desired item in-hand, online shoppers typically have to wait at least a few days after purchasing a product, though that's changing. In addition to Amazon waiving its $5.99 same-day delivery fee to Prime members who live in the 14 markets it serves, Apple has begun offering same-day delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area for certain products through its Apple Store app.

There's a wide range of estimated delivery times on qualifying products. Depending on the item and location of delivery, estimated times could be as fast as an hour or up to a full day. Neither offer the same level of instant gratification as physically walking into a store and leaving with an item, though same-day delivery is a close second, especially in cases where the wait is only an hour or two.

Apple Store
Apple Store in San Francisco

Sometimes it's even less. The folks at MacRumors tested Apple's same-day delivery service by purchasing a $19 Lighting to USB cable, which was estimated to arrive in four hours. To their surprise (and delight), the item was delivered in a mere 35 minutes.

Apple's same-day delivery service is the result of partnering up with Postmates, the same company that delivers Starbucks coffee in some cities. The name may also be familiar to Apple users, as Apple's products have been available to order through Postmates' own iOS app for quite some time, though this is the first time that Cupertino company has dabbled with same-day delivery.

In case you're particularly antsy, the Apple Store app also offers shoppers live tracking options so that customers can keep tabs on their orders.