Apple Shows Off iPad Features & Functions

The iPad goes on sale this weekend. If you're getting anxious to see what an iBook or YouTube video will look like on the device, check out Apple's guided tour page. Here, you'll find a number of videos that provide a walkthrough of the various features of the device.

Apple has created guided tours for the following applications: Safari, Mail, Photos, Videos, YouTube, iPod, iTunes, iBooks, Keynote, Pages, and Numbers. Each of the videos shows how the app works and provides information about what you can do with the app. For example, the iBooks video demonstrates the virtual bookshelf, turning of pages, and the built-in dictionary.

Although many of the walkthroughs aren't that exciting—most of the apps work as you would expect—it's still fun to get a glimpse at what we can expect from this new device. Apple has already sold its allotment of preordered iPads, so these videos will be most helpful to users who are on the fence about buying the device or for those who are considering picking one up at Best Buy this weekend.