Apple Shipping iPad to Nine More Countries on Friday

Already a huge success here in the States and in several other countries, Apple's iPad is just getting started. The world tour continues this Friday, July 23, as that's when Apple said it will begin selling its popular tablet in nine more countries, including Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, and Singapore.

That will bring the total count to 19 territories, and Apple isn't finished yet. The Cupertino company promised that the iPad "will roll out to many more countries later this year." Meanwhile, we've yet to see a competitor rise up and challenge the iPad in the tablet space, though there have been plenty of promises. If all the companies who said they plan to release a tablet in the second half of 2010 follow through, this could shape up to be a very interesting holiday shopping season.

In the meantime, Apple is reaping the benefits of owning the market all to itself. In late June, Apple said it had sold 80 million iPads in just 80 days after its introduction in the U.S., while also noting that developers have created over 11,000 apps for the tablet. We'll have to wait for Apple to release another statement to know for sure, but we wouldn't be surprised if the number of iPads sold now tops 100 million, especially as Apple scuttles the device to more territories around the globe.
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