Apple Sets April 8th Reveal Date For iPhone OS 4.0: Multi-Tasking To Come?

Well now, this is strange! Just a few short days after Apple launched their very first tablet, word is trickling out that iPhone OS 4.0 (the next major iteration in the software platform) will be revealed to the public on April 8th. That's Thursday. This Thursday.

What's odd about this announcement is just how close it is to the iPad shipping. After moving over 300,000 of the tablets on opening day, Apple is now teasing the next operating system, one that is sure to work on both iPhones and iPads (and iPod touches, if we had to guess). Apple critics have long since panned the company for not enabling native multi-tasking, but it's widely assumed that iPhone OS 4.0 will have that as its standout feature.

Currently, the iPod touch and iPhone sit at iPhone OS 3.1, while the iPad ships with iPhone OS 3.2. There's no indication of when Apple will release this new build to the public or to developers, but the timing here indicates that they would like it out sooner rather than later. This will also give iPad users the ability to really stress-test the new system before it (presumably) ships in a next generation iPhone this summer.

All of this is just pure speculation for now, but a lot of makes sense. Except for the timing. Wouldn't Apple have been better off waiting to release the iPad with OS 4.0 + multi-tasking? Or maybe they know something we don't...