Apple Sells 1 Million iPad Tablets In First Month: The Revolution Is On

Asus' CEO credited Apple with helping to jump-start the Tablet PC revolution in an interview recently, and at first, we figured he may be giving the enemy a bit too much credit. Now, we get the impression that other CEOs may start lining up to mirror Jerry Shen's thoughts. Apple already made known (a few times) that their iPad was selling well, but did anyone really see this coming?

Just 28 days after the device shipped in America, Apple has managed to sell one million of their first tablets, even with an OS that doesn't multi-task, and the fact that no expansion card slot and USB port are built-in. Just a few years ago, the Tablet PC market died out due to a general lack of interest, particularly because no existing operating system was designed to fully take advantage of an all-touch interface.

Apple has managed to nail that, mostly because they have had years of practice with the touch-based iPhone range. Years back, analysts were stunned that Apple was able to sell one million iPhone handsets (their first handset at the time) in 74 days, and now they've managed to sell one million units of their first tablet in less than half the time. Steve Jobs, the company's CEO, is obviously thrilled with the news, stating: "Demand continues to exceed supply and we’re working hard to get this magical product into the hands of even more customers."

To date, over 12 million iPad apps have been downloaded, along with 1.5 million eBooks. To us, this milestone not only reflects on Apple, but on the industry as a whole. With tablets planned from numerous other PC makers, it honestly feels as if the time is finally right for the tablet PC to thrive. Now, we just need a good touch-based user interface to ship on them, and we'll be all set. Good thing Google just acquired BumpTop, right?