Apple Seals Deal With TSMC To Produce Chips For iOS Products

The times, they say, are a-changing. Even for Apple, it seems. The company has relied heavily on a deal with Samsung to power famed products like the iPhone and iPad, but due to spats in court over designs and theft of said designs, Apple and Samsung haven't exactly been on outstanding terms. Relying on someone that you're suing isn't a great situation, and a new Wall Street Journal report suggests that Apple has landed a deal that'll help provide some distance between itself and Samsung.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is a fairly famous chip maker in Asia, and it appears that Apple has finally inked a deal with TSMC to provide chips for its iOS products. The deal was pending for a huge amount of time as TSMC worked towards meeting Apple's high standards, according to the report. In fact, talks started in 2010, but have just now resulted in a deal.

The company should start mass production of 20nm chips early in 2014, but it's unclear when (or if) Apple will fully cut ties with Samsung's chip department. Either way, it's totally probable that the iPhone 6 will be the first iPhone in a long, long time to ship with a totally new chip design.