Apple Says iMessage/Texting Bug Will Be Sorted in Future Software Update

Yell loud enough, long enough, and even Apple will hear you. For years now, users who have dabbled in the iOS universe, only to switch back to a rival platform, have grumbled about lost messages. You see, once iMessage knows your phone number, it attempts to route texts and short messages to that via the iMessage platform. But if you ever switch your number back to a non-Apple device, many of those messages can be left in limbo. Moreover, many have griped that iMessage-to-Android communications get hung up, or are lost in the ether entirely.

Now, Apple is finally acknowledging that there is indeed a problem. The heart of the issue is switching away from an iPhone without first disabling iMessage, which in turns means that future text messages to that phone number never get delivered. Instead, they hit an abandoned iMessage dead-end. According to a fresh Apple statement, it has "recently fixed a server-side iMessage bug which was causing an issue for some users," and it'll be fixing another bug "in a future software update."

It's pretty unusual to get that level of response about one bug in particular, but it's about time. Sadly, many more exist. Those using Apple's own Calendar application within OS X have been fighting with Exchange support for years as well. As it stands, Outlook invitations accepted within Outlook aren't synced to Calendar, forcing users to re-accept (or re-decline) within Calendar. And when they do so, the creator of the meeting receives an email notifications regardless of whether you want them to or not.

Baby steps, we suppose.