Apple Safari Update Borks OS X, Suggests Reinstalling Entire Operating System

Apple issued an update to its Safari web browser earlier this week that was supposed to patch more than a dozen security vulnerabilities, but has now pulled it offline due to issues affecting some users. Those affected by the buggy update say that it reports installing correctly, but actually removes the browser from their system. Apple's only solution at the moment is to go nuclear and reinstall OS X.

"Guys it seems that you have to reinstall OS X - I know it's a bummer but I am chatting live with the folks at Apple and that's what they say so far. You could also wait and see if this becomes systemic and see if Apple has a solution for it that is less drastic," a user wrote on Apple's support forum.

Safari Browser

The same user later updated his post claiming to have heard from support reps that there were two updates that conflicted and corrupted the Safari browser. He also posted a picture of a support email with Apple suggesting that he start over.

"Thank you for contacting Apple Support. Based on the details you provided, we think you might find the following information helpful," the email reads. It points him to a link on how to reinstall OS X Yosemite.

This isn't the first time Apple has pulled an update offline due to some kind of issue; though we don't recall a recent instance where the Cupertino outfit went to the extreme of telling affected users they need to reinstall their OS.