Apple Rumored to be Building a 15-inch MacBook Air Model

We suppose one way for Apple to fight back against Intel's push into thin and light territory with its Ultrabook concept is to release a larger size MacBook Air model, and apparently that's exactly what Apple is planning to do. Citing Apple's upstream suppliers, news and rumor site DigiTimes claims the Cupertino outfit has placed orders for components it will need to build a 15-inch MacBook Air, or to build a thinner MacBook Pro.

The new MacBook, whether it's a slimmed down Pro or upsized Air, is expected to appear perhaps as early as the second quarter of 2012. Mass shipments are expected to begin in March.

As it currently stands, Apple's MacBook Air line is available in 11-inch and 13-inch form factors priced from $999 to $1,599. Before you dismiss the idea of a 15-inch model, keep in mind that 15-inch Ultrabooks are on the horizon, including one from Acer and another from Asus, DigiTimes says. If Apple doesn't respond with a 15-inch model of its own, Intel's Ultrabook platform would stand alone, perhaps giving the platform some much needed momentum.

Would you be interested in a 15-inch MacBook Air, or do you think Apple should stick with 11-inch and 13-inch models only?