Apple Revises iPad Backlight to Reduce Overheating

You would think that the processor, graphics chip, and battery would be the biggest sources of heat in any mobile gadget, including tablets, so it might seem a little odd that Apple is (reportedly) focusing on the LED backlight in new revision third generation iPad models to tackle potential overheating problems.

It's not as far fetched as it sounds. As the report goes, Apple is revising the iPad 3's backlight module, moving from a two-LED structuring to one that uses a single LED. Apparently Apple feels the extra LED is compounding overheating issues some users are having, and by going with a single-LED solution, the Retina Display will draw less power from the battery and ultimately run a little bit cooler as a result.

At the same time, the LED change is said to have no effect on luminosity or clarity of the much hyped Retina Display. The way it's being spun is that a one-LED system provides nothing but upside, not only reducing heat while maintaining the same luminosity, but resulting in a slightly thinner and lighter tablet compared to current models.

If that's truly the case, it begs the question why Apple didn't go with a single-LED solution to begin with.