Apple Reportedly Working on Apple TV Update with Gaming and App Store Features

There's no indication that Apple is yet ready to make the plunge into branded television territory, though the Cupertino outfit is reportedly working on another Apple TV device, which is said to be far along in the testing phase. It will be another set-top box of sorts with an overhauled operating system based on iOS and some other snazzy upgrades.

Citing unidentified sources, 9to5Mac says Apple is experimenting with motion control input similar to Microsoft's Kinect, though it's not clear if that feature will end up on the next Apple TV. However, there are reports that Apple will throw gaming into the mix, possibly with a dedicated Game Store, or at least an App Store where users can download games and other apps. Owners of current generation Apple TV boxes need not pout, at least not yet -- Apple may roll the update out to existing units as well.

Apple TV

While none of this has been confirmed, it makes sense that Apple would toy with gaming and motion control schemes. The streaming arena has grown since the introduction of Apple TV and now includes affordable and low-cost alternatives like the Roku line and Google's Chromecast dongle, the latter of which sells for a mere $35. Gaming and motion controls are two ways Apple can separate its device from the pack.