Apple Reportedly Drop Kicking Restocking Fees

Let's say you pick up an iPod touch with 8GB of storage. A few days go by and you realize with all the movies and music you're shuttling to and fro, you probably should have shelled out for the 32GB version. Just return and exchange, right? Sure, so long as you're cool with paying a 10 percent restocking fee. Ouch.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple today will be dropping this restocking fee from its retail chain. You'll still have 14 days to return and/or exchange your hardware, you just won't be assessed a 10 percent penalty for doing so, 9to5Mac says.

As of this writing, Apple's Sales and Refund Policy still show the fee, so when exactly this is supposed go into effect, we don't know. It's also interesting that the timing of this supposed policy change coincides with the expected announcement from Verizon later today that it's finally inked a deal with Apple to sell the iPhone.