Apple Removes Worthless $1000 App from App Store

Who decides which apps go up --- and stay up --- on the App Store? After all, something pretty useful like NetShare gets dropped from the App Store a couple of times (all right, all right, I know AT&T wouldn't like it), while something totally frivolous like this app gets posted?

The app was named "I am Rich." The name is appropriate, because basically all it did was put the image below (sort of a faux diamond) on your iPhone screen (minus the text, of course). I say "was" because someone came to their senses and removed it.

However, obviously, someone who would waste, er, spend his money on this app is rich enough to not care. Hence the name of the app. And yes, this was officially the most expensive item on the App Store.

The author of this app, Armin Heinrich, also sells a calculator app. The price of that is a much more reasonable $4.99. Unfortunately, that price says "I am not rich."

Apple, if you're going to put dross like this up, can we get NetShare back?
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