Apple Readies Launch of 32-inch and 37-inch Televisions

We've been hearing rumors of an Apple branded television (not to be confused with Apple TV, a streaming media player) for quite some time now, and if the latest online chatter proves correct, we'll finally see a shipping product by the third quarter of 2012. Two products, actually,

Citing un-named "industry sources," DigiTimes reports Apple's supply chain is preparing materials for a pair of iTV sets in Q1 2012 in order to meet Apple's schedule for a Q2 or Q3 launch. The first two iTV models will measure 32 inches and 37 inches and will be full blown TV sets, not just set-top boxes like Apple TV.

Not a lot is known about these TVs, but you can reasonably surmise they'll come equipped with high quality panels and probably at least one stand-out feature for Apple to use in it's marketing blitz (like Siri for the iPhone 4S). Whether or not these iTVs will come with an integrated Apple TV set-top box is anyone's guess, but as it currently stands, Apple is planning to launch at least one more generation of Apple TV STBs next year as well.

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