Apple Quietly Recalls 2013 Mac Pros Due To Defective AMD FirePro GPUs

Following a rash of user complaints over various video issues, Apple is launching a Repair Extension Program for late 2013 Mac Pro systems manufactured between February 8, 2015, and April 11, 2015. The issue with 2013 Mac Pro models manufactured between those dates is that some of them are running defective GPUs.

Apple isn't making much noise about the program—the folks at MacRumors caught wind of it through an internal memo it obtained, and according to that memo, Apple's investigation of the reported problems led them to conclude that faulty GPUs are to blame. Affected systems can see a variety of symptoms, including distorted video or no video at all, system freezes, system restarts and shutdowns, and general instability. In some instances, affected Mac Pro systems fail to into Mac OS X.

Apple Mac Pro

The issues are limited to Apple's high-end Mac Pro systems running AMD's FirePro D500 graphics cards and built-to-order Mac Pros equipped with FirePro D700 GPUs. Base Mac Pro models equipped with a FirePro D300 aren't part of the repair program.

It's not known exactly how many Mac Pro systems are affected by this. On Apple's support forum, there's a thread about graphics issues on late 2013 Mac Pro models that was started in February of last year. Since then, there have been several thousand views and dozens of replies.

According to the memo, Apple will arrange for an authorized service provider to fix eligible systems for free up until May 30, 2018. Turnaround time is listed at 3-5 days.