Apple Pre-WWDC Leaks Reveal iOS ‘Files’ App And iPad ‘Drag And Drop’ Functionality


Apple's annual developer conference (WWDC) kicks off today and runs through Friday, during which time the company is expected to make several announcements. One of them will be iOS 11, the newest version of Apple's mobile operating system. While we wait for official details, it looks as though drag-and-drop functionality will finally find its way to iOS.

Internet sleuths discovered the feature in Apple's own Feedback app for iOS beta testers. There is now an entry that reads "Split View/Drag and Drop" in the app's list of preset options for reporting issues. Bearing in mind that no such feature currently exists in iOS, the assumption is that it is something Apple will unveil in iOS 11.

Have a look:
Having drag-and-drop functionality in iOS would make it easy for iPhone and especially iPad (and iPad Pro) users to shuttle content between apps more seamlessly than having to copy and paste. And with Apple pushing the iPad Pro as a productivity tablet, most people would agree it is a feature that cannot come fast enough.

That is not the only change to iOS that was noticed ahead of Apple's WWDC event. There is also a new placeholder app listing for a "Files" app that has now made an appearance in the iOS App Store for iPhones and iPads.
There are not a lot of details to go on—the app description simply states, "Files App for iOS" with iOS 11 or later required. According to app developer Steve Troughton-Smith, it only offers 64-bit support, which reinforces the rumor that iOS 11 will kick support for 32-bit apps to the curb.

This is something we suspect will come pre-installed on iOS 11, with the App Store listing there for users who delete the app and later change their mind.

All of this points to improved file management in iOS. That has been a common request among the iOS crowd, and especially iPad Pro users. It looks as though Apple has been paying attention and is getting ready to make iOS a bit friendlier towards productivity tasks.