Apple Pay Could Arrive For iPhone Customers This Saturday, 10/18

If you’re planning to ditch your wallet when Apple Pay goes live, you may not have to wait much longer. Walgreens, which is one of the companies that will support Apple Pay, seems to have sent an email to its employees with a date for Apple Pay’s release. If the email is legit, Apple Pay will be going live this Saturday, October 18. Some companies that are expected to support the mobile payment service are already promoting Apple Pay with “Coming Soon” banners.

Apple Pay is nearly here. Websites are touting the mobile payment service and Walgreens may have revealed the launch date in an internal memo.

Apple doesn’t speak to rumors, but if it wants to shine a light on Apple Pay’s release date, it will have a chance to on Thursday, October 16. The company is holding a “special event” that is widely expected to introduce new Apple iPads. Given that the iPhone 6 models and the Apple Watch were launched at an event earlier this month, it makes sense that iPads would get some attention now. Hopefully, Apple Pay will get some love then, but if not, it looks like we’ll all be getting plenty of details very soon.