Apple Patent Suit vs Google Motorola Mobility Tossed Out

And the patent wars continue. A judge in Wisconsin dismissed Apple’s case against Google’s Motorola Mobility wing. District Judge Barbara Crabb didn’t believe she had the legal authority to hear the case.

At issue is whether or not Google has engaged in unfair licensing practices. The contention is that Google is using its patent portfolio (bolstered significantly by its Motorola Mobility acquisition) to essentially gouge companies like Apple and Microsoft by demanding excessively high royalties.

Image credit: Bloomberg

However, this dismissal, assuming it stands, does little to move litigation to a resolution. A judge in Seattle will hear a similar case wherein Microsoft is suing Motorola Mobility for essentially the same things, and furthermore, Google is facing a potential lawsuit from the FTC itself over its patent licensing practices, particularly as it pertains to its Motorola portfolio.