Apple Overcharges Customer Almost $4,000 for OS X Lion!

Depending on who you talk to, Apple overcharges its customers all the time. It's known as the "Apple Tax," an unofficial designation given to the perceived markup Apple applies to its products. This isn't about the so-called Apple Tax and whether or not it exists -- been there, done that -- but an Apple fail of near epic proportions.

According to MacRumors, poor John Christman purchased OS X Lion three days after its launch. He paid $31.79 using his Paypal account, but then something odd happened. Paypal went on to charge him 121 more times. His final bill for 122 copies came out to $3,878.40.

Easy fix, right? Just get in touch with Paypal and/or Apple and have the duplicate charges removed. Unfortunately, what should be a simple fix is turning into a bunch of finger pointing.

"Apple blames Paypal, Paypal blames Apple. They both are claiming to investigate, but I am stuck broke for three days now," Christman laments.

What's even more frustrating is that the transactions appear as "Refunded" on Christman's Paypal account, but the money still hasn't been returned. The problem, he says, is that Apple claims there was only one transaction, and when he disputed them with Paypal, the payment service closed the cases and marked them as being refunded.

Due to the power of the Internet, Christman's story will likely have a happy ending. MacRumors said it got in touch with Apple for comment, and the Cupertino outfit said it would work with Christman directly to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, Christman isn't the only person seeing duplicate charges. See here and here.

Hopefully these issues will get sorted out. In the meantime, if you're a Mac user planning to pay with Paypal, you might want to hold off before feeding the Lion.