Apple Now Asking For Galaxy Nexus Sales To Be Barred

Well, this just got even more interesting. Last October, it was reported that Samsung's Galaxy Nexus was designed to be "Apple-proof." Basically, it was engineered specifically to step outside of those bounds that has drawn fire from Apple's legal team. Guess they missed the market. Apple has just upped the ante in the Apple vs. Samsung spat by asking a federal court in California to bar Samsung from selling the Galaxy Nexus (also known as the planet's first Android 4.0 smartphone) in the U.S., saying that four patent violations are to blame. Among those are violations that include voice-command search, likely too similar to Siri for Apple's comfort.

The suit reportedly shows Apple blaming the Nexus for copying patents on items that people expect to see in Apple products; things like sliding to unlock and searching via voice. Samsung stated: "We continue to assert our intellectual property rights and defend against Apple's claims to ensure our continued innovation and growth in the mobile communications business."

Interestingly, this suit -- while targeting Samsung -- seems to really take aim at Android more than anything. It's likely just easier to continue to go after Samsung, and since this is the first Android 4.0 smartphone, it is sort of an easy target. In all honesty, we wish this whole thing would just end. It's drawn on way too long, and at this point, we have to wonder who really cares, and who really stands to gain anything. Who has time to innovate when all they do is bicker in the courtroom?