Apple North American Sales Head Replaced By Japan And Korea Sales Chief

Seasons, even in the world of technology, come and go. Lately, Apple has been in a season of change, with quite a few executives moving around, retiring, or otherwise being replaced over the past couple of years. None of that movement has caused any negativity for the brand itself, and we don't expect the latest move to reverse the trend. Zane Rowe, who has served as Apple's head of North American sales, will depart the company soon to be replaced by Doug Beck. Presently, Mr. Beck looks after sales in Japan and South Korea.

Essentially, Beck's role is expanding to now encompass the huge North American landscape, which is no small task atop what he already looks after.

As for Rowe, it'll be a short stay. He came over in 2012 after departing United Continental as its CFO, and no reason has been given for his departure. That said, it does come just shortly after Katie Cotton's departure, who served as Apple's head of worldwide communications and had been with Apple for some 18 years.

Beck probably won’t get a ton of extra sleep with the new role, given just how important North America is to Apple’s uptake.