Apple Is Reportedly Developing MicroLED Displays For Apple Watch

A new report is making the rounds that suggests Apple has accomplished a notable first and a break from its traditional method for obtaining displays. According to the report, Apple is developing its own device displays for the very first time, whereas in the past it sourced screens for its devices directly from makers like Samsung and LG.

apple watch

In this instance, Apple is said to be working on building MicroLED displays that will first turn up in the Apple Watch. Apple has, according to sources claiming knowledge of its plans, a small, secret manufacturing facility near its Cupertino headquarters. That facility is making a small number of displays for testing purposes according to these sources.

Apple is set to make a major investment in next-generation MicroLED screens, which use a different light-emitting compound than used in OLED screens common today. MicroLED screens promise slimmer devices that consume less energy, and are brighter. The sources claim that MicroLED screens are much harder to make than OLEDs and that Apple nearly ended the project a year ago.

However, the sources also state that the technology is now at an advanced stage and that engineers have made significant progress. Despite the progress, it will be several years before consumers see devices using these screens. In the long term, Apple's decision could have a significant impact on screen makers like Samsung, Japan Display, Sharp, and LG Display. Apple isn’t alone in developing devices using MicroLED screens, Samsung had a giant 146-inch MicroLED modular TV on display at CES 2018.