Apple May Still Need Samsung to Supply Retina Display for Next iPad Mini

You've probably heard the adage, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer," and certainly Apple's done that with Samsung, though only because the Cupertino company may have no other choice. It's no secret there's plenty of bad blood between Apple and Samsung, the two mobile giants vying for dominance in the smartphone and tablet sectors, and while the former would like to severe ties with the latter, breaking up completely is proving hard to do.

Initial reports regarding Apple's second generation iPad mini tablet suggested Sharp and LG would provide the upgraded Retina-class panels rather than continue to rely on Samsung. However, after speaking with "people familiar with the matter," The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple got cold feet and decided it was best to add Samsung to the mix to prevent any supply issues.

iPad Mini

This all assumes the next iPad mini device will boast a Retina-class display in the first place. Apple has neither confirmed or denied this, nor has the company even confirmed that there will be another iPad mini. There will be, of course, and barring a major surprise (and letdown), you can bank on an upgraded display finding its way onto the spec sheet.

Even though Apple and Samsung have their issues behind the scenes, none of their legal bickering is likely to affect consumers as it pertains to the iPad mini, not unless an unrelated patent infringement suit pops up. Otherwise, these two rivals have been working together for several years, with Samsung supplying vital parts for a range of Apple devices.