Apple Leaks Refreshed MacBook Pro With OLED Touch Strip And Touch ID Via Mac OS Sierra Update

We’ve heard plenty of leaks concerning Apple’s upcoming MacBook Pro refresh, but we never expected for the folks in Cupertino to actually leak the device ahead of Thursday’s keynote. Well, that’s exactly what has happened, as yesterday’s Mac OS Sierra 10.12.1 update included hidden images of the new MacBook Pro in all its glory.

Mac Rumors first discovered the images, which show the familiar MacBook Pro design aesthetic, and in this case it appears to be the 13-inch model. The images show that Apple’s smallest MacBook Pro has gained speakers that flank the keyboard (like its larger 15-inch brother), instead being located beneath the keyboard.

mbp refresh 2

But that’s not the most important change. The two images clearly show the new OLED touch strip that is mounted above the keyboard. When not in use, the panel is completely black. However, depending on what application wants to take advantage of the panel, which could be called “Magic Toolbar”, it lights up to provide a dynamic function row.

In the example provided by Apple, the bar lights up to allow the user to complete an Apple Pay purchase. The user is directed to “Touch ID to pay Apple $326.20” with an arrow pointing to what appears to be a Touch ID sensor mounted beside the Magic Toolbar. There’s also a “Cancel” soft button located on left side of the Magic Toolbar during the transaction.

mbp refresh 3

It’s expected that the new 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros will feature Kaby Lake power, an HDMI port, four USB-C ports and a headphone jack. The new notebooks are also expected to be both thinner and lighter than their predecessors (both MacBook Pro models are rather porky compared to the competition).

The new 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros will be revealed at Thursday’s “Hello Again” event, potentially alongside new MacBook Airs and iMacs.