Apple Launches iOS 12.3 And tvOS 12.3 With New TV App Updates

Apple has been on a mission to deliver iOS 12.3 to consumers in preparation for the release of its Apple TV+ subscription service, and now the official release has been pushed out to customers. While Apple TV+ isn't quite ready for its public release yet -- that will have wait until for a few more months -- the building block are in place with iOS 12.3.

iOS 12.3 includes a brand-new TV app, which gives users access to Apple TV Channels. With this new Apple TV Channels interface, users will be able to directly add their paid streaming services directly into the Apple-design UI, including fan favorites like Showtime and Starz. Apple even gives you the ability to share these subscriptions with up to six other people using Family Sharing.


One added perk is support for offline viewing, meaning you can download shows directly to your device when you won't have future access to an internet connection. Apple has even thought about the kids in the family with a "Kids" section that features curated content for children of all ages. And for the adults in the room, there's a Sports section that allows you to watch games and keep up with the schedule of your favorite teams.

"Users worldwide can enjoy personalized recommendations of shows and movies from more than 150 video apps and streaming services and over 100,000 iTunes movies and TV shows, including the largest collection of 4K HDR titles available to browse, buy or rent — all within the new Apple TV app," writes Apple.

The new TV app is available right now in iOS 12.3 and tvOS 12.3. The Apple TV+ subscription service will launch this fall is all goes according to plan in Cupertino.