Apple Kills iPhone 3G Sales On The Eve Of WWDC

Try to purchase an iPhone 3G right now. Go on, we'll wait. Done yet? You sure are, because it's not happening if you're turning to Apple. The phone, which has long since been priced at just $99 on contract ever since the iPhone 3GS took over the $199 on contract spot, has finally become unavailable to order from Apple's own website. Usually, something like this wouldn't cause too much fuss, but it's the timing here that's interesting.

Tonight is the evening before the WWDC expo kicks off in California, with Steve Jobs slated to take the stage. We have already been told by Apple to expect a lot of details surrounding iPhone OS 4.0, but most in the industry are expecting more than just software talk. In fact, the next generation iPhone should be front and center, though we have to wonder how many surprises can be revealed now that the world knows how it will look and that it will use the same 1GHz A4 CPU that's inside the iPad.

There's also the chance that this next generation iPhone (assuming it launches) will be available for sale much sooner than in years past. Typically, Apple has left around 1-2 months in between the debut of a new iPhone and the actual on-sale date; with the major leak this time though, it's possible Apple will sell it right away to keep the buzz going.

There's nothing but speculation for now, but the keynote starts in a matter of hours. We're sure the world will be watching, but if you ever needed a sign that a new iPhone was coming tomorrow, the elimination of the iPhone 3G is about as much proof as you could hope to get.
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