Apple iPhone 5 Reportedly Goes into Production with a New Form Factor

Apple's next generation iPhone device is reportedly gearing up for production, or at least that's what an employee at Foxconn revealed to 9to5Mac.Foxconn is where most of Apple's products are made, including its iPhone line and the upcoming iPhone 5, as it's currently being called.

The tipster said there are a handful of iPhone prototypes floating around, and once Apple decides on which design it likes best, Foxconn will roll with it. That makes it difficult to predict what it will look like or what the feature-set will be, but according to the chatty Foxconn worker, all of the models have at least a 4-inch screen. In addition, none of them sport the teardrop shape that was previously rumored, though all the current iPhone samples feature a different form factor than the iPhone 4 and 4S, so get ready to upgrade your third-party cases and other gear.

9to5Mac reckons Apple is on pace to launch the iPhone 5 this summer at WWDC, putting the company back on track with a timeframe that was disrupted last year. And while none of this is concrete info, 9to5Mac points out that its source is the same one that revealed late last summer that Apple was building an iPhone 4S, and not the iPhone 5 everyone was expecting. Duly noted.